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Cristina Martins

Cristina is a community builder, healthcare advocate, and education champion.

She has spent her career working hard to create jobs, grow the economy, and improve our community.

Cristina served as President of the Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business and Professionals, Deputy Chair of the Greater Toronto Business Association, and Director of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto. Cristina understands that we need to create jobs in order to build the sustainable community that we want.

Born in Portugal, and raised in Davenport, Cristina is married and a mother of two. As a mother, Crisitina understands that funding clean transit is a cornerstone for improving our neighbourhoods.

As a mother of two young children enrolled in our publicly funded education system, she has witnessed firsthand the improvements that Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberal government have made in education.

As a professional in the healthcare industry, she has seen the results of all the positive changes in our health care system since the last PC government. These personal experiences have made Cristina passionately believe that the Liberal government is our best choice to build Ontario up.

Grateful for the opportunities that Canada has provided to her family, Cristina will fight to ensure that we all have the opportunity to succeed.

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